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The Complete SOC 2 Compliance Checklist

Prepare for your SOC 2 audit with this step-by-step checklist from DuploCloud.

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What you’ll learn

Passing a SOC 2 compliance audit is now an essential cornerstone for businesses building in the cloud. To stay competitive in today’s market and stop preventable security threats, you must provide potential clients with a SOC 2 report.  

This checklist breaks down the SOC 2 compliance process step by step and provides actionable tips on speeding up your time to market without compromising security features.

What's inside:

  • An overview of SOC 2 criteria and some guidance on helping you choose the relevant criteria.
  • A detailed checklist for the SOC 2 compliance process, from determining the scope of your report to the audit process
  • Benefits of SOC 2 compliance, why it matters in today’s market, and how to achieve compliance without increasing time to market

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