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Accelerate Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning with DevOps Automation

Learn how DuploCloud can accelerate deployment by 10x and lower cost by 75%.

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What you’ll learn

This whitepaper highlights the typical approach that companies take toward DevOps using infrastructure as code and the associated challenges. We then contrast that to DuploCloud’s approach to DevOps, an end-to-end platform that translates high level application specifications into detailed cloud configurations, incorporating best practices around security, availability, and compliance guidelines.


  • Trends driving cloud-based deployments: Learn how infrastructure, applications, and platform services contribute to the contemporary DevOps landscape.
  • The DevOps lifecycle: Take a top-down view at the phases of modern DevOps infrastructure, and the security controls you'll need.
  • Low-Code / No-Code deployment in action: Study our extensive breakdowns of exactly how low-code/no-code platforms execute a deployment, from topology infographs to videos and code dissection.

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