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White Paper

Automating Cloud Migrations 

Cloud migration requires careful planning, coordination, and automation. This whitepaper covers how you can automate four key work streams: Application Migration, Data Migration, Infrastructure Setup, and Security Controls.

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What you’ll learn

As more and more businesses surge into the cloud as the foundation for digital
transformation, they are looking for ways to streamline their processes, alleviate
infrastructure complexities, avoid information leakage, and reduce costs.

Major paradigm shifts include:

  • Infrastructure is moving to the cloud and becoming 100% software driven (i.e., Infrastructure-as-Code)
  • Applications are getting more fragmented and diverse (aka, micro-services)
  • An ever-increasing number of application functionalities have moved out of the developer’s code and into Platform Services, completely managed by cloud providers

Infrastructure Automation can substantially reduce migration times and improve operational efficiency post-migration. It is best done early in the process to have a scalable digital transformation path post-migration.

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