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White Paper

The State of
No-Code/Low-Code Cloud Automation

We interviewed 300 engineering leaders to learn how cloud-native development teams use no-code/low-code tools to minimize time-to-market.

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What you’ll learn

Responses suggest that by using no-code/low-code solutions to automate cloud infrastructure, organizations of all sizes save time and money while minimizing compliance overhead.

In this report, DuploCloud analyzes the state of the industry. We take a deep dive into how adopting no-code/low-code cloud automation has helped startups and SMBs outmaneuver their competitors, how enterprises use it to keep costs low, and how adoption at large is trending in the industry

Key findings include:

  • No-code/Low-code will soon be nearly universal.
    Adoption of no-code/low-code cloud automation solutions is expected to climb 21% over the next two years to 92%.
  • The cost savings are substantial.
    44% of companies said these platforms reduced their cloud operating costs by at least 10% — and 10% said they reduced costs by over 50%.
  • It makes compliance a breeze.
    81% of enterprise-stage respondents reported that no-code/low-code cloud automation adoption had significantly improved their ability to meet software compliance requirements.
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